Moving off this blog template

If you do happen to hit this site, please note that www.pmooney.net is now on wordpress and I will not be updating from here anymore.  If you are reading on RSS, my new feed is


Drop me a line on pmooney@pmooney.net if you have any issues.


Brilliant... just brilliant



Migrating to Wordpress.. part 1

Quite a few people (more then I thought) expressed interest in find out my experiences in moving to wordpress as a blogging platform.  So I thought I would blog my experiences and what I had/have to do.

First of all... I know f*&k all about wordpress.  From using Squarespace and wordpress just as a "user" I preferred wordpress.  As an "admin" I didn't like the lack of control moving my blog to www.wordpress.com gave me (you have very limited options).   As opposed to just going to Wordpress.com, you can have your wordpress site hosted instead, which costs money but gives you much more control.  So decided on that.  I did some searching and twittering, and dreamhost was recommended to me as a hosting company to contact.  

The recommendations were well warranted.  These guys have been helpful to the extreme so far, putting up with my "I'm technical alright but know nothing about the architecture" questions.  My hosted site is now built but I don't have to transfer my DNS yet.  So it is sitting here at the moment looking all empty.  More as I figure it out.


7 years old...

Well it's been seven years of blogging since the start of this month.  Hard to think that it all kicked off in 2003, when I was in my mid-twenties as an experiment.  But, it's been a great experience, with good and bad results from this (but mostly positive).   This year especially, I am grateful for the many colleagues and friends that I have met through this medium, and although its function has changed over the years, I am so happy I have it (and them) to work with and rely on.  So what happens now?

Well, I am starting another experiment, by moving to wordpress.  This will affect links and RSS feeds, so bear with me or just fix your reader!  (if you want a sneaky look it is currently on http://pmooneynet.wordpress.com  .The site is not finished yet, but it will get there.  The content should all be in (thanks to Matt White!) and it should come along as I get time.  This is no reflection on domino as a platform for blogging.  Declan's blogsphere template has served me very well for a long time.  I just want to try something new.  I will blog my experiences with wordpress too, looking at it from a control perspective (admins are all about control).

So.. onwards and downwards into 2010.


Folks, don't network share your domino server directory

I'm kinda surprised I have to say this, but if you decide to network share your dominoserver\data directory on the windows network, and like just have it open for everyone, then feel that domino is not secure as people open databases using file mappings (as opposed to opening using the domino server), it's not really the product's fault.  It's your fault.  If you use file mappings on a server so people can open server databases locally, it's going to cause you all sorts of problems.  From file locking to security.  Don't do it.  And if you do it, don't blame a platform based database system if you leave a hole big enough in the security to drive a bus through it.

Domino is not a secure application system.  It has the potential to be a VERY security application system, once configured correctly.





Domino 8.5 workshop. Hands on goodness... London in April.

After the roaring success of Matt's xPages 101 session in London, and Bluewave's webinar series kicking off to a great start, they have decided to host an 8.5 "101" day in London on the 22nd April.

The instructors:
Warren and myself

The day:
Practical, hands-on setup of DAOS, IDVault, Traveler and Widgets

The bonus:
Instructor lead training and a "walkaround bloke" for the day helping out giving real world advice.  The people giving the lessons present at many technical conferences around the world and kinda know their shit.

The location:

The cost:
£200 per person.  Yes... you read that right.

How is it so cheap?
  • YOU bring your laptop
  • YOU have a VM setup the way we tell you in advance
  • YOU are already expected to be a domino administrator
  • WE hit the ground running.. and hit it hard
  • YOU buy us a beer afterwards (well, if you want)

    This is as much an experiment as anything, to see if Admins would like the format that Matt has found so successful (btw, this was done with Matt's blessing).  It is ridiculously cheap per person and we hope you find it useful.  Click here for details.