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Domino 8.5 workshop. Hands on goodness... London in April.

After the roaring success of Matt's xPages 101 session in London, and Bluewave's webinar series kicking off to a great start, they have decided to host an 8.5 "101" day in London on the 22nd April.

The instructors:
Warren and myself

The day:
Practical, hands-on setup of DAOS, IDVault, Traveler and Widgets

The bonus:
Instructor lead training and a "walkaround bloke" for the day helping out giving real world advice.  The people giving the lessons present at many technical conferences around the world and kinda know their shit.

The location:

The cost:
£200 per person.  Yes... you read that right.

How is it so cheap?
  • YOU bring your laptop
  • YOU have a VM setup the way we tell you in advance
  • YOU are already expected to be a domino administrator
  • WE hit the ground running.. and hit it hard
  • YOU buy us a beer afterwards (well, if you want)

    This is as much an experiment as anything, to see if Admins would like the format that Matt has found so successful (btw, this was done with Matt's blessing).  It is ridiculously cheap per person and we hope you find it useful.  Click here for details.


1 - I'm already in the process of convincing the bean counters at work that this is a cracking deal, and I hope to be joining you and Mr Elsmore on that day, so save me a place ..!


2 - A thursday ... In London ... One could stay for the weekend ... [Scuttles off to check airplane ticket prices]

3 - This sounds great, I want to sign up...

...but I'm being really thick, I can not find any way to find more information at { Link }

Can you help?

4 - Paul,
My wife and I were at your 8:30 show at Helium Comedy Club this past Saturday night. I found you to be mildly funny at best. Your 'humor' and racist comments towards white people really cleared the room. I want to say that we were the last 'whites' to leave because I wanted to hear your entire routine. It really was a bit much, Paul. Later that night there was a blast broadcast on the local news stating that dozens of 'black' kids were flash rioting right across town from the comedy club.. probably right while you were in the middle of your 10:30 "salty cracker" routine. My wife and I laughed. When we left your show we felt you took things back a long way by talking about slavery and Aunt Jemimah. But when we heard about the blacks rioting while you were on stage we looked at each other. It was confirmed once again that things have not changed much at all... at least not in Philly. My wife and I think YOU should wear an Aunt Jemimah bandana. lol! Your act and your material is shoddy... talking about slavery these days is just weird. Maybe you could do better talking to black kids about doing stupid things.
You really could help!Emoticon

5 - Kevin.. I usually delete these types of comments, but yours was too good, informative and entertaining to delete.

By the way.

I am Irish
I am white
I work in IT

So guess who I am not.

6 - Can I just back poor Paul Mooney from Ireland up here and state for the record that he doesn't even get a damn tan. He's so white, he's actually blue.

And he's not that funny. Well, not unless he's clearing bars in Amsterdam with his U2 impersonation.

But hey - Paul - this secret life of a comedian in Philly - nice one!


---* Bill

7 - I have been white. It just took 2 weeks in the sun.

And.. I did a great Bono cover. Well, after lots of booze and some funny ciggies I thought it was fantastic.

8 - @Paul, you're white? Then who was that in Vegas???? Next you're going to tell us you're a man, too.

Oh, dear.

9 - On the other hand Paul, that bit you did in your comedy routine about setting up DAOS on an Amiga? Hi-LAR-ious! 16-bit math coprocessor? LOL. I'm laughing again just thinking about it. Pure gold.