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Folks, don't network share your domino server directory

I'm kinda surprised I have to say this, but if you decide to network share your dominoserver\data directory on the windows network, and like just have it open for everyone, then feel that domino is not secure as people open databases using file mappings (as opposed to opening using the domino server), it's not really the product's fault.  It's your fault.  If you use file mappings on a server so people can open server databases locally, it's going to cause you all sorts of problems.  From file locking to security.  Don't do it.  And if you do it, don't blame a platform based database system if you leave a hole big enough in the security to drive a bus through it.

Domino is not a secure application system.  It has the potential to be a VERY security application system, once configured correctly.


1 - omg.

Thats perhaps one of the singlarly dumbest things I've heard of. It deserves a double-facepalm:

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---* Bill

2 - O.M.G...

Though perhaps more accurately,

It *is* a VERY secure application system, *if* configured correctly.


3 - A previous client of mine used windows file sharing to open user mail files from their Domino server, until I caught him "in the act". Not understanding the difference between opening mail files through Windows or Domino, he didn't see the problem until I educated him on the subject.

4 - But... that's where I keep all my MP3's... how else am I supposed to get to them? Emoticon