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7 years old...

Well it's been seven years of blogging since the start of this month.  Hard to think that it all kicked off in 2003, when I was in my mid-twenties as an experiment.  But, it's been a great experience, with good and bad results from this (but mostly positive).   This year especially, I am grateful for the many colleagues and friends that I have met through this medium, and although its function has changed over the years, I am so happy I have it (and them) to work with and rely on.  So what happens now?

Well, I am starting another experiment, by moving to wordpress.  This will affect links and RSS feeds, so bear with me or just fix your reader!  (if you want a sneaky look it is currently on http://pmooneynet.wordpress.com  .The site is not finished yet, but it will get there.  The content should all be in (thanks to Matt White!) and it should come along as I get time.  This is no reflection on domino as a platform for blogging.  Declan's blogsphere template has served me very well for a long time.  I just want to try something new.  I will blog my experiences with wordpress too, looking at it from a control perspective (admins are all about control).

So.. onwards and downwards into 2010.


1 - Aw we're blog birthday month buddies! I started March 26 2003...


2 - Nice to read that being in your mid-twenties can be an experiment on its own. Emoticon

3 - happy birthday! You don't use feedburner for the feed? So no change would be needed.

If you want input or help on Wordpress let me know

4 - Blasphemer!

(Looks nice though) Emoticon