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Migrating to Wordpress.. part 1

Quite a few people (more then I thought) expressed interest in find out my experiences in moving to wordpress as a blogging platform.  So I thought I would blog my experiences and what I had/have to do.

First of all... I know f*&k all about wordpress.  From using Squarespace and wordpress just as a "user" I preferred wordpress.  As an "admin" I didn't like the lack of control moving my blog to www.wordpress.com gave me (you have very limited options).   As opposed to just going to Wordpress.com, you can have your wordpress site hosted instead, which costs money but gives you much more control.  So decided on that.  I did some searching and twittering, and dreamhost was recommended to me as a hosting company to contact.  

The recommendations were well warranted.  These guys have been helpful to the extreme so far, putting up with my "I'm technical alright but know nothing about the architecture" questions.  My hosted site is now built but I don't have to transfer my DNS yet.  So it is sitting here at the moment looking all empty.  More as I figure it out.


1 - So, did the old server in the kitchen finally get an eviction notice?
Landlord change, perhaps? Emoticon

2 - Interesting.

I've got a work in progress blog { Link } built via Wordpress too, but I'm buggered if I can figure out how to get my Domino based content exported in to it.

How are you migrating your content over Paul? Are you migrating, or starting afresh?

3 - Frank.. Matt White helped me with exporting the domino data into the format needed. Talk to him.. he.is.the.man.

4 - Frank.. Matt White helped me with exporting the domino data into the format needed. Talk to him.. he.is.the.man.

5 - Paul

I went to your wordpress blog but could not use Bloglines to find an RSS feed. Any idea ?


6 - I've been using Wordpress for about a year plus a couple months. I'm using BlueHost.com for hosting and I've been very pleased with their service. I host 4 sites with them. My uncle's spice busines(ZenCart), my blog(Wordpress), my brother-in-laws business site(Wordpress) and my church site(Wordpress) are all at BlueHost. They have been very responsive either by phone or via chat. They don't officially support these open source programs but they've always been there for me with set up questions. The cost is amazingly cheap at around $10 a month and I host two of my domains on one account. I've experience some spam issues that are not totally cleared with free spam service. I just got an email that they are in beta with a new free service. Will be trying that soon.
Enjoy and good luck.

7 - I have also moved to WordPress but am using godaddy, I have some cleanup but the majority of my conversion is done. I will try and post some details on how I exported my data.

8 - @Antoine Leboyer,

Try bloglines again - I use it and it found PM's wordpress' feed.


Have fun with WordPress - especially with adding plugins ... recommend the following:
>> Akismet - for controlling spam
>> Bad Behavior - for controlling bad bots/clients
>> Bad Behavior Log Reader - to read why some bots/clients are being kicked off
>> Google XML Sitemaps - let google, et al, know when you've published something
>> WP Security Scan (only activate when checking security) - check that your WP setup is ok

9 - You know the drill, ping me. I have about 12 on Wordpress now.